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Why Resonance Comprises

A Critical Component of Your Latino Marketing Strategy




José Huitron

Founder + Digital Strategist,

Hub 81


Saying you're going to target the $1.3 Trillion dollar Latino market is somewhat cliché thanks to a plethora of market activity and brand interest. Marketing to Latinos should be part of a broad engagement strategy and not the result of some spur of the moment panacea. Why is it that some brands are able to effectively reach the Latino consumer and others stand by the sidelines in awe? 


Perhaps, the answer lies around the dynamics of insight. 


In marketing, conceptual analysis is an important tool for uncovering the golden egg of resonance. A winning campaign is usually the result of a big idea that resonates across geography, culture, medium, and consumer preference. Some say that it takes a village to build a brand but the honest truth is that a brand is a village. 


A brand is a village of ideals, identity, positioning, performance, perception, and relevance.


The Consumer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) model is a unique tool capable of leading brands to the illusive position of being able to drive consumer advocacy. The model is built around a marketer's answers to the following questions:


  • Who are you? (Identity)

  • What are you? (Meaning)

  • What about you? (Response)

  • What about you and me? (Relationships)


"Customer-based brand equity occurs when the consumer is familiar with the brand and holds some favorable, strong, and unique brand associations in memory" (Keller, 1993). 













The CBBE model is based on a pyramid that helps brands grasp and increase results across brand salience, performance, imagery, judgements, feelings, and finally, resonance. It's no surprise that resonance stands at the top of Keller's pyramid.


It is this same point of resonance that causes many of today's leading brands to explore a Latino marketing strategy. The simple fact that Latinos make up America's new reality is a key driver of Hispanic market outreach. Resonance with the American public is a mix of the right messaging across culture, language, ethnicity, and identity. Latinos comprise 16% of the U.S. population and a significant proportion now make over $40,000 per year. 


The right insights could just be the answer you're looking for to tap into your share of and relationship with the 50 million+ Latinos in the U.S.


Jose Huitron, Author of Vista Hispano and Founder of Hub 81, a cross-cultural integrated marketing communications agency.



Keller, K. (1993). Conceptualizing, Measuring, Managing Customer-Based Brand Equity. Journal Of Marketing, 57(1), 1-22.





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