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Latino research for a mobile world. 


Traditionally, researchers have had very limited access to consumer experiences. But most of the key moments of consumer behaviors happen when researchers aren't there. These moments happen everyday outside focus group facilities, before or after a researcher has visited in-home, or the participant has taken a survey.

Whether you are an independent marketing professional, large market research firm, or in-house researcher,
SusPing puts you in the moment as Latino consumers consider, purchase, and use products and brands.

SusPing enables your custom Latino research community, accessible through desktop or mobile at the participant's choice. 


Qualitative Activities



​​• Diaries
• Journals
• Group discussions
• Photos and photo tours
• Videos and video tours
• Creative projective exercises
• Concept, website and ad testing

SusPing stimulates Latino consumers to tell their stories to give you answers to pressing business questions.

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