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Giving back

We believe that giving back to the Latino community is an integral part of our mission.

As a Los Angeles company, we are proud to support Homeboy Industries, which provides hope, training and support to previously incarcerated and formerly gang-involved men and women in Los Angeles.


Homeboy Industries works to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being through its businesses.


By offering former gang members a place to work, Homeboy Industries provides a place for them to learn soft skills, like administration and customer service, and also vocational skills from solar panel installation to pastry baking or catering. These jobs in Homeboy Industries' social enterprises, often the first “legit” employment their clients have ever held, give their clients confidence and self esteem while enabling them to provide for their families. 


The jobs clients have through Homeboy Industries social enterprises offer them alternatives to re-incarceration or a return to their former gang lives.



Homeboy Industries Services

• Case Management

• Tattoo Removal

• Employment Services - job preparation and placement

• Mental Health Services - individual therapy, substance abuse counseling, and group classes

• Legal Services

• Curriculum and Education - including a GED program, a partnership with LearningWorks! Charter High School, life skills and enrichment classes

• Solar Panel Training and Certification - preparing students to take a national certification test


All of Homeboy Inustries' services, offered free of charge, are designed to equip their clients with the vital life-skills they need in order to turn their lives around.


SusPing research participants are offered a choice of donating their incentive to HomeBoy Industries. When they choose to do this, we match it.


HomeBoy Industries  founder, Fr. Greg Boyle, often says that he’s “never met a hopeful kid that joined a gang.”

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