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About us

Launched in 2007 as the first Latino market research panel designed as a bilingual community, ​SusOpiniones is a trusted source of Latino sample to leading market research firms from small qualitative communities to huge quantitative trackers.

Recruited through Spanish language and bilingual media, SusOpinionistos interact daily through our web portal.

Members are screened for several demographic and behavioral segments, including language preference and country of origin. 

Now, the SusOpiniones Latino community and web/mobile research platform come together in SusOpiniones Ping, providing intuitive and immediate access to the Latino consumer.



SusPing has relationships with top bilingual research moderators and translators, to support your project requirements.

We believe that the deepest insights are gained from interacting intuitively with respondents, peer-to-peer, in the medium of their choice.

SusPing is passionate about providing a consumer-centric dialogue between Latinos and researchers.

SusOpinionistos are boomers, Generation X'ers and Millenials and live in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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