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Frequently asked questions 

What is SusPing?
An online qualitative research (OQR) 
platform that enables marketers to capture Latino consumer experiences as they unfold to answer business questions.
Do SusPing studies happen in real time?
No, SusPing is an asynchronous research system, which means that participants respond on their own schedule—whenever it is convenient for them. This setup enables researchers to easily conduct projects across multiple time zones. Whether our studies last for days, weeks or months, you encourage ongoing interaction with participants while nonintrusively receiving in-depth responses.
Who can use SusPing?
Market researchers in the marketing, advertising and product design industries as well as in-house researchers.
What types of projects can I field using SusPing?
Immersive Research
In-home product tests
In-depth discussions
Longitudinal studies
User experience
Discovery research
Concept and ad evaluations

What kind of qualitative research analysis tools does SusPing offer?
Tools that quickly and easily organize raw data into findings—without requiring you to become a wizard with Microsoft® Access and Excel.
These tools include response tagging, filtering text, images and videos by multiple variables and saving the findings in an organized manner.
Are support services available with SusPing?
Yes. Clients receive best practices training to get you up and running - or, if you prefer, we can perform all the services for you.
Can participants post photos and videos using their phones?
Yes they can.
How do you recruit the study participants?
We pre-screen participants                        from the SusOpiniones panel according to your specifications, then invite them to join and register for your secure project panel.
What languages can a SusPing project be conducted in?

English, Spanish or bilingually.

Do I have to speak Spanish to use SusPing?

No. But if you want to interact with participants in Spanish, our Latino moderators can assist you.
How long do SusPing studies last?
On average, 3 days to 2 weeks.
How large is a SusPing project panel?
Our panels have 15-50 participants.
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