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The U.S. Latino Mosaic  


Getting actionable answers to your business questions depends upon the integrity of the participant panel. SusPing excels at recruiting Latino consumers among many segments, ensuring an authentic research experience.  

SusOpiniones panelists are recruited through Spanish language and bilingual media, and interact as a community through our bilingual member portal.

Looking for a family perspective? The SusPing mobile app makes it easier than ever to engage with all family members, from ages 12 and up. Just ask us how.

Panel screeners



• Age
​• Gender
• Residence
• Country of origin
• Preferred language
• Household income
• Education
• Years in U.S.
• Children in household
• Purchase history
• Lifestyle
• Mobile devices
• Health conditions

There is no one U.S. Latino market. It represents a vast mosaic of cultures and traditions.

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