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P&G Hair Care wanted to untangle the truth about how Latinas feel about their hair, how they care for it and how this shapes their purchases. They chose qualitative research, using SusPing, because the Latino market represents cultural and language subtleties that are likely to be missed without a bilingual moderator.
The app allowed participants to contribute their in-store experience of hair care products as well as respond in real time to questions and tasks set by the research team. The participants worked with the moderator as collaborators.
The project confirmed the importance of natural products and home remedies to the Latina consumer. 
As a result, P&G re-launched their Pantene Nature Fusions hair care collection in the US to appeal to Latinas.
Download the P & G Case study 

"The SusPing mobile app enabled real time shopping behavior, with ease of access 24/7." - Jill Bos, Senior Scientist, P&G

"Hispanics will be the dominant and in many cases the only driver of domestic CPG sales growth.” - Nielsen 

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